Oversize One-Piece Panels

Worthington Industries have an expertise in manufacturing oversize one piece composite panels (including plywood only panels). The panels can range in size to a maximum 3000mm(W) x 8000mm(L). The plywood panels are available in many different grades and thicknesses depending on end use.

The caravan and RV industry is moving away from individual 2400 x 1200 plywood sheet floor panels to Worthington’s one piece plywood panels due the many advantages they offer. Please
download our One Piece Panels Flyer PDF (size: 40kB) for more information.

Garage tilt door manufacturers also reap the benefits from our one piece plywood panels because of the greater design flexibility they offer. We also offer stain quality and moisture resistant panels and can section the new panels if required.

Current applications of oversize one piece panels include caravan floors and walls, train floors/walls/ceilings and garage tilt doors.

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