Industries & Experience
Worthington Industries serves a wide range of industries. Our major industries
include :

1. Transport – We manufacture and supply composite and plywood flooring, walls, ceilings, seating, curves, doors and other panels for use in rail, light rail, bus, trucks, floats, trailers and marine applications.

2. Caravans and Recreational Vehicles - We manufacture and supply composite and plywood flooring, walls, curves, beds, fitout panels and other panels for use in caravans and recreational vehicles.

3. Building – We manufacture and supply composite and plywood panels for use in commercial and residential applications.

4. Fire Protection – We manufacture our own fire retardant Fire-X® which is uniquely impregnated into timbers for application in the above industries, and Fire Bar which is a paint on application.

At Worthington Industries we define customer service as the ability to continually exceed customer’s expectations. We continually expand our thinking and recognise that all aspects of our business impact customer service, not just the face-to-face or phone-to-phone contact. We have a heavy focus on “continuous improvement” in all areas of the business and keep abreast of new programs and initiatives that can be implemented into our organisation.

Recent customer service initiatives include the design and introduction of an extensive Production Scheduling System. This system allows dedicated manufacturing days for customers coupled with an in-house delivery service (Melbourne Metro). Worthington customers have surety of their production and delivery dates.

All employees of Worthington Industries from production staff to senior management form an experienced team consisting of motivated and skilled personnel. Our employment policies aim to employ and retain quality staff. We recognise that to retain quality staff the company needs to maintain motivational strategies and have a sound remuneration program.

Plant, Equipment & Technology
Worthington Industries is committed to remaining technologically advanced and maintaining current plant and equipment at all times. Our servicing program ensures we minimise any production downtime, while management keeps abreast of new plant and equipment requirements for growth and efficiency improvements.

Research & Development
Our own internal testing laboratory, coupled with external testing facility support are used to ensure our products meet customer requirements and specifications. In-house testing is conducted regularly, while testing to meet various Standards is outsourced to NATA Accredited Laboratories. Research and development is a key component of Worthington Industires customer retention program to ensure we are always providing the best product to our customers.

Quality Control
Worthington Industries quality control program’s foundation is in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 and has been developed over time to ensure our products and services are of the highest degree. Our systems includes a routine of activities designed to measure and control the quality of our products as they are being developed. We undertake consistent checks to ensure integrity, correctness, and completeness. Where shortfalls are identified, we document and introduce corrective action to restrict a recurrence.

Worthington Industries are extremely conscious of the need to ensure effective and sensitive environmental management in all of our business activities, and are committed to operating in a manner which is compatible with long-term ecologically sustainable development.

Occupational Health & Safety forms an integral part of Worthington’s business. The health and safety of all Worthington employees, contractors, neighbours and customers who work in, visit or live adjacent to our premises or who use our products, is of paramount importance. The company aims to provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment. Clear responsibilities for health and safety are delegated to managers within the company. Fortnightly OH&S meetings between directors, managers and the OH&S representative ensures all areas of OH&S are compliant. Regular employee meetings are also held to facilitate an open communication forum for OH&S issues.

5S is a component of lean manufacturing. 5S is aimed at permanently developing the day-to-day conduct and practices of the people involved in the performance of the company. The physical installation of a visual system for instantly monitoring malfunctions in work places is the basis for this transformation in conduct. 5S solves problems and malfunctions. It is an instinctive reaction on a day-to-day basis against wasting energy and, generally speaking, a tool against all the losses in the company.

Worthington Industries implemented 5S in early 2007.

5S has improved safety, quality and performance at Worthington Industries.

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