Plywood Panels

Worthington Industries manufacturing include plywood panels. Plywood panels can be used for a variety of applications. The benefits of using plywood are extensive and include :
  • its strength
  • it is lightweight and easy to handle
  • it can be manufactured to a variety of thicknesses and easily cut to size
  • it has design versatility
  • it can be curved
  • it is a natural insulator keeping heat in or out
  • it can be braced and cladded
  • it resists impacts and heavy blows
  • no special tools are required
  • it is pressed with a permanent marine glue bond
  • it has good thermal insulation
  • it has good sound insulation
  • it is cost-effective and readily available
Worthington Industries can manufacture oversize one piece panels up to sizes of 3000mm(W) x 8000mm(L). They can also be cut to varying shapes and detailed to customer requirements.

Fire Retardant Plywood Panels

We can offer plywood panels in a fire retardant form with our unique Fire-X fire retardant impregnation process.

Treated Plywood Panels
We can also offer treated plywood panels to protect panels from decay fungi, wood boring insects, termites and marine borers .

Current Plywood Products
Our current range of plywood products include caravan floors and walls, fitout panels and curved panels, garage doors, train floors and train seats.

Click here to view a gallery of some applications of our plywood products.

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